24 Hour Urine Collection

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A complete collection is necessary for an accurate test result.


1. The laboratory will provide a 24-hour urine collection container. Some collections require the addition of acid as a preservative. The preservatives can cause irritation on the skin if splashed or spilled. Never urinate directly into the container. Keep container upright and keep out of reach of children.

2. Completely empty your bladder before starting collection and note time.

3. Collect all urine passed for 24 hours, up to and including the last sample that marks the 24-hour time limit.

4. Place all of the urine samples into the container provided, as they are collected.

5. Keep collection cool at all times. Placing container in ice and water will usually suffice. The container can also be refrigerated.

6. All urine must be collected and placed into the container for the time specified. If for some reason even one sample is discarded, the entire collection must be restarted with a new container. Please contact the lab for instructions on restarting the collection.

7. Label the container with full name, start date and time and end date and time of collection.

8. Bring container and Dr’s orders or a completed requisition to the laboratory upon completion.

Vanillylmandelic Acid (VMA)

Dietary Information: Patient should refrain from bananas, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, tea, walnuts and vegetables.

Serotonin (5HIAA)

Dietary Information: For 48 hours prior to collection, diet should be free of avocado, banana, coffee, tomato, plum, eggplant, walnut, pineapple and mollusks as well as aspirin.


Medical Laboratory Technologists will test the sample as requested by your physician.

The laboratory will send a report to your doctor who will discuss the results with you.

If you have any questions concerning this collection, contact us at:

Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital,
(519) 245-1550 Ext 5564
Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.