Circumcision – What you may expect after surgery

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Circumcision – the excision of the foreskin on the tip of the penis

Following surgery:

  • You will have a dressing around the penis
  • If bleeding occurs, apply pressure- if it does not stop, seek medical advice
  • If dressing does not fall off, by 2nd day after your surgery, soak it off in a warm bathtub
  • Cleanse area with warm water and dry gently
  • Apply Vaseline on incision until wound heals
  • Wear good supporting underwear and loose pants (not tight blue jeans)
  • Watch for drainage. The first or second day there may be a light yellowish discharge. This is not a sign of infection and it is not to be forcibly removed. It protects the wound

Report any of the following to your surgeon (After hours go to Emergency Department)

  • Increase in pain, swelling, redness
  • Heat at site
  • Foul smelling drainage from wound
  • Fever over 38 degrees C