Fragrance Policy

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Strathroy, ON-

Dear Gift Shoppers,

Fresh cut flowers and beautiful green plants make lovely gifts, as do soaps, scents and lotions – but perhaps not at a hospital.

The Middlesex Hospital Alliance’s Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital and Four Counties Health Services both observe a Safe Environment Policy. This policy prohibits latex balloons and asks that patients and their visitors refrain from wearing and using fragrance and scented products at the hospital.

We observe a Fragrance Reduced and Latex-Free (no latex balloons) Environment

Please consider if you are gift shopping for a friend or loved one in hospital, to select appropriate gifts that meet our Safe Environment Policy.

Scented products, including some flowers and plants, can produce mild to severe reactions in some individuals. These reactions can include migraines, rashes, and difficulty breathing.

We are asking all of our staff, patients, visitors, volunteers, nurses and doctors to

Be Air Aware.

We appreciate your assistance in reducing your own use of scented products when you visit, and your careful selection of gifts for patients at Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital or Four Counties Health Services.

Thank you for supporting the MHA’s Safe Environment Policy.