Middlesex Hospital Alliance Board approves Strategic Plan for both Hospitals

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Strathroy, ON- The Strategic Plan for Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital (SMGH) and Four Counties Health Services (FCHS) was the priority topic at the April Middlesex Hospital Alliance (MHA) Board of Directors meeting held Wednesday evening, April 28 in Newbury.

The strategic planning process began in earnest in October 2009 starting with consultation with key stakeholders. The Board of Directors engaged the stakeholders in a process to update the Mission, Vision and Guidiong Principles of the two corporations. The revamped Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles were confirmed by the board at its January meeting. Board member Ken Williams commented to the board that in dealing with some of his health care clients in the United States, he shared the new Mission Statement for the two MHA Hospitals. The reaction from his American colleagues was very positive. ” They were very impressed with both its strength and simplicity,” said Williams.

Governance Chair Ineke Haan agreed. “I feel in particular the mission statement captures the essence of what stakeholders and board had intended. It is short, concise and powerful.”

The revised mission statement referred to by board members above is… To provide healthcare that we would expect for our own families.

The Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles forms the basis for the new strategic plan which covers a 2-year plan starting April 1, 2010 and finishing March 31, 2012. The stratigic plan includes goals, core services and centres of achievement as well as objectives, all of which are based on the new Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles.

The unique feature about the hospital’s strategic plan is that it appears all on one page. It is expected the strategic plan will be made available to the general public by the end of May.

CEO Mike Mazza reported to the board that the strategic plan on a page’ for the MHA’s two sites will be posted on the external web page and available to all who are interested.

In addition to strategic planning, the board also heard a number of reports focusing on the hospitals’ activities related to patient safety and initiatives to improve effectiveness under the LEAN Program.