Wait Times

Our Emergency Department  (ED) teams work to provide quality care as quickly as possible. The most seriously ill patients are seen first even though they may come into the department after other patients. This is why the triage nurse checks everyone as soon as possible after they arrive.

Several major health services are targeted by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s Wait Times Strategy (WTS). The Strategy is designed to increase access and reduce wait times for certain services, including significantly increasing the number of procedures to reduce the backlogs that have developed over the last decade. According to the Ministry, patients can use the Wait Times information reported on the Ministry web site system to make informed choices about where to be referred for quicker service.

About Emergency Department (ED) Wait Times

Emergency Department Wait Times are reported using a system implemented in 128 hospitals across the province.

The information for “time spent in the ED” is the maximum time nine out of ten Ontarians spend in the ED and is measured from the time patients register or initially see a triage nurse (who assesses the level of urgency for treatment), until the time the patient leaves the ED (either to go home or to be admitted to the hospital).

*Please note that the ED information on the Ministry’s site is not real-time information and should not be used to assess the time you may spend in the ED. If you believe you need immediate emergency care, please go to your nearest Emergency Department.


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