Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital 395 Carrie St Strathroy, Ontario

Best Practice Spotlight Organization Pre-Designate

We are pleased to announce that the Middlesex Hospital Alliance has been appointed as an RNAO BPSO Pre-Designate.  The BPSO program supports the implementation of Best Practice Guidelines (BPGs) through a multi disciplinary team approach which results in optimizing nursing care, and improved patient and organizational outcomes by promoting a culture of evidence-based nursing practice and decision-making.

One component to becoming an RNAO BPSO is the identification and implementation of five BPGs over the next three years at which time MHA will receive our official RNAO BPSO Designation.

Timelines: Implementation of Best Practice Guidelines

Middlesex Hospital Alliance will start the BPSO journey over the next three years.


  Key Points

  • Not just for nurses, involvement of the entire professional team and organization leadership is essential for success
  • Builds upon the work that we are already doing
  • MHA is one of only 5 acute care hospital facilities selected for this cohort
  • Become part of a community of excellence in evidence-based care
  • Recognized internally