Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic Imaging

The following services are available at both sites:

SMGH Diagnostic Imaging

Breast Screening and Assessment

CT (Computerized Tomography)

BMD (Bone Mineral Density Testing)


General Radiology

Gastric studies and Fluoroscopy


FCHS Diagnostic Imaging

General Radiology

Ultrasound (including Arterial studies and Shoulder Ultrasound)

Holters and Loopers  (519-693-4441 x2526)

Contact Information

·         To book appointments for : General radiology, ultrasound, echos, bmd or gastric studies  at either site, please call Central Bookings  519-245-5295 x5545 or if long distance call toll-free at 1-866-269-8384

·         For Breast Assessment or Screening call 519-246-5200

·         For CT department: call 519-245-5295 x 5640

SMGH Ambulatory Care (519-245-5295)

Holters, Loopers and Stress Testing (x5531)

Pulmonary Function Testing ( x 5251)


Request for Breast Assessment/BMD

Diagnostic Imaging Requisition

OP Swallowing Assessment 

Breast Screening and Assessment

The Strathroy site (SMGH) is now equipped to provide timely, comprehensive and high quality breast assessment “closer to home”. SMGH has been an Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP) site since 2001 and fully accredited by the Canadian Association of Radiologists since 1998. This accreditation status assures the patient they are receiving the highest quality mammography images.

Approximately 10% of women who undergo screening will be called back for further tests and follow-up. The path that women follow from the time they find out they have breast concern or abnormality is called “breast assessment”.2

Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital (SMGH) uses digital radiography (DR) and the images are read by the same radiologists who oversee the St. Joseph’s Healthcare (London) Breast Care Centre. Approximately 4000 mammograms are performed annually, and it is estimated that over 600 women will benefit from the assessment program.

Our services include:

  • Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP)  Call:  519-246-5200

Women who meet these eligibility requirements are eligible to self-refer:

    • 50 years of age and older with no history of breast cancer
    • No breast implants or current breast problems
    • Have not had a bilateral mammogram within the past 12 months

Benefits include: Result letters sent to patient and primary care provider and reminder letters sent to patient when they are due for next screening (every 1-2 years)

  •  Non-OBSP Screening:

 A referral form (see above) is needed from your healthcare provider if you are:

    • A woman  aged 40-49 ,with  breast implants or a personal history of breast cancer
    • A man with a strong family history of breast cancer

Note to Health care provider: all requests for diagnostic screening will be triaged by the radiologist based on the clinical information provided.

  • Breast Assessment Services

If you have an abnormal screening mammogram or you are experiencing breast health concerns, the following services may be arranged:

  • Diagnostic Mammography ( low-dose x-ray of the breast)
  • Breast Ultrasound  (images created by sound waves)
  • Image-guided Core Biopsies (removal of a small sample of breast tissue)
  • Coordinated care from the Breast Health Navigator who guides and supports the patient to minimize their anxiety. They coordinate the appointments and care to lessen the wait time and ensure the patients receive the information and emotional support they need. ( 519-245-5295 x 5619)
  • Surgical consultations if needed. SMGH surgeons offer consult with 5 business days of receiving a referral for a malignant case. Breast reconstructive surgery is also available.


Complex cases and high risk screening requiring MRI will be referred to St. Joseph’s Health Care (London)

Monday to Friday, 7:30am- 4:00 pm (some Saturday mornings offered seasonally)

For more information, contact us at 519-246-5200

A Special Thank You!

In order to provide this enhanced level of care, new and improved technology was required. Necessary equipment for this service was made possible by the generous donations of the community to the SMGH Foundation Campaign “Hasten the Diagnosis, Simplify the Journey”.

1st place Winner of the 2015 Medline Pink Glove Award (photo)



Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD)

In 2002, SMGH introduced Bone Mineral Densitometry Testing into the Radiology department. This test is used primarily to diagnose osteoporosis.

Radiology (General)

The radiology area provides the services for routine x-ray examinations (e.g. chest, limbs, spine) and special studies including those on the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and bladder.

CT Scanner

Middlesex Hospital Alliance has a new state of the art GE (General Electric) 64 slice CT Scanner which is located at the Strathroy site. CT is the standard of care for many common conditions. CT can quickly and accurately help in diagnosing illness or injury such as:

  • Cancer
  • Injuries to abdominal organs
  • Brain damage or skull fractures from head injuries
  • Blood clots or bleeding after stroke


This is an Ultrasound test that assesses cardiac valves and functions.


Ultrasound services provide routine examinations (e.g. obstetrical, abdomen, and thyroid) and vascular studies (e.g. carotid arteries for plaque build up, venous studies for clots).

Electrocardiogram and Holter Monitoring

Electrocardiograms and holter monitoring services are provided in order to assist in the diagnosis of cardiac problems.

Pulmonary Function

A new service in the Ambulatory Care clinic, this diagnostic service tests breathing rates and efficiency. This test is provided through a doctor’s referral only, patients cannot book themselves.


Provides comprehensive laboratory services: (chemistry, immunology, blood transfusion, pathology, microbiology and phlebotomy). The Laboratory’s primary focus is on our inpatients and emergency patients. Outpatients are encouraged to use a community-based lab as recommended by your physician.